About Us

ADS LED ILLUMINATION SDN. BHD. is a Malaysia and China joint venture LED luminaires manufacturer, we was established in 2011. Our factory is located in Penang, Malaysia. There are also several brands of LED chip manufacturer here, such as OSRAM and LUMILEDS.


ADS LED mainly produces mid to high-end LED luminaires. We strive to use the highest quality components in our products. The critical components in a LED luminaire are the LEDs and drivers. Therefore, we used the highest quality LEDs manufactured by companies such as CREE, OSRAM, LUMILEDS and SAMSUNG , and we use mainly PHILIPS and MEAN WELL for the drivers. So our luminaires will be definitely have higher reliability and excellent performance. ADS LED offers industrial LED High Bay light which comes with particularly good colour rendering and protection against breakage and chipping, for example. Lighting concepts also enhance the value and impressions towards the specific areas and products.


It is undeniable that the entire LED luminaires market is still dominated by China manufacturers, because they have a great advantage in product development, product design, and cost of housing & accessories! Therefore, we also set up our R&D department and raw material procurement department in Shenzhen, China, because this allows us to provide to customers with high quality but relatively low-cost LED luminaires.


We also provided ODM and OEM service, which means we can manufacture the luminaires that China manufacturers can produce. Also, because of the geographical location, we have helped many Southeast Asian customers to reduce shipping costs and shorten the delivery period, and to provide faster after sales service and technical support. More importantly, because of the advantages of language communication, we can understand better the needs of customers.


ADS LED 照明有限公司是一家马中合资的LED灯具制造商,我们成立于2011年,厂址位于马来西亚槟城。几家有品牌的LED芯片制造商也都在这里,如欧司朗 (OSRAM)及亮锐 (LUMILEDS)。


ADS LED 主要生产中高端LED灯具。我们坚持采用高质量的LED元件在我们的产品,因为灯具最关键的组件是芯片和驱动器,所以我们使用由科锐 CREE,欧司朗 OSRAM,亮锐 LUMILEDS和三星 SAMSUNG等公司生产的高质量LED芯片,而驱动器也以飞利浦 PHILIPS及明纬 MEAN WELL为主。所以我们的灯具肯定将具备了更卓越的可靠性和性能。






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